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The game Contagion++ can be played here.

Contagion++ is the result of a team project for my degree. The subject was  games workshop. Our group was called The Trojan Horse and comprised of:

  • Me (Charles H) –  Team leader/all rounder.
  • Roger L, Lead Programmer.
  • Danny S, Programmer.
  • Saki T, programming, testing and sound.

The original game idea was loosely based on the hacking mini game in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Original game pitch and presentation: Game pitch

The lead programmer, Roger lost contact mid way through the project. The game didn’t end up incorporating any of my sprites or art work. Instead art from various computer games and generic clip-art was used.

Final report is a 16 page 5100+ word document: Final report.

Raw data (MS word file) from the play testing results done in and out of the classroom: Play test results.