– Responsive front end with wordpress backend.

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Evolution of StoreWorks’s (StoreWorksPro)

When I first started working with StoreWorks there was already a handful of websites running the StoreWorks CMS backend. The original StoreWorks CMS was developed a long time ago. The front end templates used a table layout that was not longer the standard in front end development. I rewrote the templates to use html divs. The websites below still uses the old layout. DS23



Below is the first front end design I made for Storeworks, called classic. I added new back end scripts so that users can customise the font they want their website to display. Users can use any Google font and not just default systems to customise their website.




Responsive – first responsive design for Storeworks .




Showcase – bootstrap 3 , responsive design with carousel. 



Below is the StoreWorks admin interface. The left picture shows the configuration page for the front end layout, options include font, background colour, text colour, product grid or list layout, positioning of the header and menu systems.